During The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel at Comic-Con 2018, Dave Filoni announced that Season 7 of The Clone Wars is happening. Disney cancelled the series shortly after acquiring Lucasfilm during production of the 6th season. It was the last project George Lucas was involved with, and many consider it some of the best storytelling and characters since the original trilogy. After it’s cancellation, fans were left with many open story arcs and no conclusion. Several story reels were released on StarWars.com, but if you want to stay completely spoiler-free, stick to seasons 1 through 6.

Lucasfilms released The Clone Wars episodes out of chronological order for various reasons, including production times and lead-up episodes written. Here are a couple different ways to watch it in chronological order.

Air #Title
1216Cat and Mouse
2116Hidden Enemy
TThe Clone Wars theatrical release
3301Clone Cadets
4303Supply Lines
6102Rising Malevolence
7103Shadow of Malevolence
8104Destroy Malevolence
10106Downfall of a Droid
11107Duel of the Droids
12108Bombad Jedi
13109Cloak of Darkness
14110Lair of Grievous
15111Dooku Captured
16112The Gungan General
17113Jedi Crash
18114Defenders of Peace
20117Blue Shadow Virus
21118Mystery of a Thousand Moons
22119Storm over Ryloth
23120Innocents of Ryloth
24121Liberty on Ryloth
25201Holocron Heist
26202Cargo of Doom
27203Children of the Force
28217Bounty Hunters
29218The Zillo Beast
30219The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
31204Senate Spy
32205Landing at Point Rain
33206Weapons Factory
34207Legacy of Terror
35208Brain Invaders
36209Grievous Intrigue
37210The Deserter
38211Lightsaber Lost
39212The Mandalore Plot
40213Voyage of Temptation
41214Duchess of Mandalore
42220Death Trap
43221R2 Come Home
44222Lethal Trackdown
46306The Academy
48302ARC Troopers
49304Sphere of Influence
50308Evil Plans
51122Hostage Crisis
52309Hunt for Ziro
53310Heroes on Both Side
54311Pursuit of Peace
55215Senate Murders
58314Witches of the Mist
60316Altar of Mortis
61317Ghosts of Mortis
62318The Citadel
63319Counter Attack
64320Citadel Rescue
65321Padawan Lost
66322Wookiee Hunt
67401Water War
68402Gungan Attack
70404Shadow Warrior
71405Mercy Mission
72406Nomad Droids
73407Darkness on Umbara
74408The General
75409Plan of Dissent
76410Carnage of Krell
78412Slaves of the Republic
79413Escape from Kadavo
80414A Friend In Need
82416Friends and Enemies
83417The Box
84418Crisis on Naboo
89502A War on Two Fronts
90503Front Runners
91504The Soft War
92505Tipping Points
93506The Gathering
94507A Test of Strength
95508Bound for Rescue
96509A Necessary Bond
97510Secret Weapons
98511A Sunny Day in the Void
99512Missing in Action
100513Point of No Return
103515Shades of Reason
104516The Lawless
106518The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
107519To Catch a Jedi
108520The Wrong Jedi
109601The Unknown
113605An Old Friend
114606The Rise of Clovis
115607Crisis at the Heart
116608The Disappeared
117609The Disappeared: Pt. II
118610The Lost One
Crystal Crisis On Utapau Story Reels
122A Death on Utapau
123In Search of the Crystal
124Crystal Crisis
125The Big Bang
The Bad Batch Story Reels
126The Bad Batch
127A Distant Echo
128On the Wings of Keeradaks
129Unfinished Business
Dark Disciple Novel
130Lethal Alliance
131The Mission
133Dark Disciple
Son of Dathomir Comic Series
134The Enemy of My Enemy
135A Tale of Two Apprentices
136Proxy War
137Showdown on Dathomir
Dark Disciple Novel
138Saving Vos Part 1
139Saving Vos Part 2
141The Path

Reddit user Sapitoelgato came up with a modified version of this called Ultimate Episode Order –

I went back and highlighted which ones I altered in the list.

There will be potential spoilers:

ARC Troopers I placed it up closer to Rookies, so to finish that part of the story arc.

Massacre I moved that to right after Witches of the Mist to give time for Ventress to wander off to the outer rim, and get her change of attire/ find herself. Plus, it seemed like a long gap from her failed assassination attempt at Dooku, and her return to Dathomir, with Dooku dealing with Talzin swiftly.

Deception: Undercover arc I felt it was best to make the kidnapping attempt to come farther away from Revenge of the Sith, because it would be enough time to have the republic lower it’s guard again. Plus, it is interesting to have Anakin go from almost losing his padawan to thinking he lost his master Obi-Wan.

Bounty I wanted to tease this story arc along sooner as you are watching the show, so I put it in right after the water war arc. I felt that Shadow Warrior was a good fit of an episode to play afterward.

Brothers/Revenge Again, like Bounty, I put it sooner to tease along the Maul/Savage story line. I felt that putting Shadow Warrior between Bounty and Brothers was a good way to set up time, so Savage could travel to find/save his brother until they meet up, with Ventress in Revenge.

The Onderan arc I put it closer to the Friend in Need episode, so that it could be resolved sooner than later.

Rise of Clovis arc this one was suggested by someone else in a different post, and it makes total sense. The original voice actor of Palpatine did the voice for these episodes (before he passed away), and it fit nicely in the timeline. From the stories on out, there is a shift in the new voice actor at the end of The Lawless episode.

Secret Weapons arc I moved it around to get it out of the way from the last set of episodes, because it seemed out of place being sandwiched between the Youngling Arc and the Lawless arc. Not only that, but it makes episodes 100-121 a great binge of episodes.

OrderEpisode #TitleChronologically
1216Cat and Mouse1
2116Hidden Enemy2
TThe Clone Wars theatrical release
3301Clone Cadets3
4303Supply Lines4
6102Rising Malevolence6
7103Shadow of Malevolence7
8104Destroy Malevolence8
10302ARC Troopers48
11106Downfall of a Droid10
12107Duel of the Droids11
13108Bombad Jedi12
14109Cloak of Darkness13
15110Lair of Grievous14
16111Dooku Captured15
17112The Gungan General16
18113Jedi Crash17
19114Defenders of Peace18
21117Blue Shadow Virus20
22118Mystery of a Thousand Moons21
23119Storm over Ryloth22
24120Innocents of Ryloth23
25121Liberty on Ryloth24
26201Holocron Heist25
27202Cargo of Doom26
28203Children of the Force27
29217Bounty Hunters28
30218The Zillo Beast29
31219The Zillo Beast Strikes Back30
32204Senate Spy31
33205Landing at Point Rain32
34206Weapons Factory33
35207Legacy of Terror34
36208Brain Invaders35
37209Grievous Intrigue36
38210The Deserter37
39211Lightsaber Lost38
40212The Mandalore Plot39
41213Voyage of Temptation40
42214Duchess of Mandalore41
43220Death Trap42
44221R2 Come Home43
45222Lethal Trackdown44
47306The Academy46
49304Sphere of Influence49
50308Evil Plans50
51122Hostage Crisis51
52309Hunt for Ziro52
53310Heroes on Both Side53
54311Pursuit of Peace54
55215Senate Murders55
58314Witches of the Mist58
61316Altar of Mortis60
62317Ghosts of Mortis61
63318The Citadel62
64319Counter Attack63
65320Citadel Rescue64
66321Padawan Lost65
67322Wookiee Hunt66
69416Friends and Enemies82
70417The Box83
71418Crisis on Naboo84
72401Water War67
73402Gungan Attack68
76404Shadow Warrior70
79405Mercy Mission71
80406Nomad Droids72
81407Darkness on Umbara73
82408The General74
83409Plan of Dissent75
84410Carnage of Krell76
86412Slaves of the Republic78
87413Escape from Kadavo79
88414A Friend In Need80
89502A War on Two Fronts89
90503Front Runners90
91504The Soft War91
92505Tipping Points92
93605An Old Friend113
94606The Rise of Clovis114
95607Crisis at the Heart115
96510Secret Weapons97
97511A Sunny Day in the Void98
98512Missing in Action99
99513Point of No Return100
100506The Gathering93
101507A Test of Strength94
102508Bound for Rescue95
103509A Necessary Bond96
106515Shades of Reason103
107516The Lawless104
109518The Jedi Who Knew Too Much106
110519To Catch a Jedi107
111520The Wrong Jedi108
112601The Unknown109
116608The Disappeared116
117609The Disappeared: Pt. II117
118610The Lost One118

If you want the ultimate experience, here’s my setup –

  • Get the digital versions of all episodes, whether from ripped Amazon DVDs or another way.
  • If you’re not already, use Plex on your main PC. I’m a huge fan of Plex and use it to watch all movies, TV shows, on any device, including my big screen TV. Before you import your media, use the naming convention listed here.
  • For media storage, I use both my PC and a NAS. Both of which use 4 TB External USB drives. Plex will import media just fine from either. Don’t use SSD drives for storage.
  • I’m also a huge fan of Roku for my TV and have the Plex app is free.
  • Plex offers the ability to do playlists. After your media is imported, create a playlist based on the chronological order above. More help with Playlists can be found here. Admittedly, creating a playlist does take a fair bit of time with a library of 139 videos, but it’s well worth it.
  • The Clone Wars also had featurettes. Don’t tell anyone but I save YouTube videos locally using jDownloader which can save either a single video or an entire playlist such as mranderson00001’s here. I’ve added those to my Plex playlist so for example after watching season 2, I can watch the deleted scenes, commentary about a specific story arc, etc. Pretty geeky I know.