I used to run a web development & hosting company from 1999-2014 called NxTek Solutions Inc. The company was acquired to a larger company. During that time, we specialized in


  • Website development from brochure-style sites to Ecommerce
  • Website, Email, database, application hosting
  • WordPress & CMS development, plugins, theme customization
  • Automated backups to remote servers
  • Security-hardening & penetration testing, security updates installation
  • Automation consulting
  • Training

  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Cloud servers
  • Windows platform hosting (IIS, ASP, MS SQL, etc)
  • Linux platform hosting (Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc)
  • Voice server hosting
  • Game server hosting
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media marketing & automation
  • Search engine optimization

I continue to help small businesses, start-ups, Internet broadcasters, content creators, and other individuals.